Healthy Hair Growth Woodsy Beard Oil

Healthy Hair Growth Woodsy Beard Oil

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If you would compare my skin care regiment to my husbands, it would be a very sad comparison. Mine is extensive and includes a long line of steps and products. My husband generally washes his face in the shower... and that's it. Every winter, I notice him scratching at his beard more and complaining that it's itchy. This year, I made him his own beard oil. He loved it so much I decided to offer it to other itchy-faces!

Here's what makes it great:

Jojoba Oil - This oil has been long been used in hair care and sin care products as it most closely resembles human skin oil and is easily absorbed.

Argan Oil - Softens skin and protects against signs of aging, including wrinkles and spots.

Vitamin E Oil - Vitamin E is extremely popular because of the vast number of benefits to beard hair. It promotes beard hair growth, increases shine, repairs split ends, prevents premature graying, anti-aging, and more.

Essential Oils - Frankincense, myrrh, sweet orange, clove bud, and cassia oils give this oil a distinctly manly, outdoorsy scent.

Organic Cane alcohol - I only use a few drops per bottle of this, just enough to stabilize the essential oil

Your choice of a 1oz or 2oz dropper bottle for easy use.