Detox Bath Soaks
Detox Bath Soaks

Detox Bath Soaks

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Overdid it this holiday season? Don’t fret, these detox bath soaks will be your new best friend to help eliminate toxins from your system.

Made with bentonite clay, which is known for it’s ability to bind to and absorb heavy metals, and epsom salt, which helps to replenish magnesium levels in your body - these soaks are an easy way to start feeling like yourself again.

Just dump a bag into your running bath, add some pre-diluted essential oils, and soak your stresses away. Choose from relaxing lavender, clearing eucalyptus mint, or cheering citrus to complete your perfect bath.

Looking for an even stronger detoxification? Take a small amount of the soak and mix with water to form a paste. Spread on your body and let dry to literally pull toxins directly from your skin. Soak in the bath and gently scrub off the remaining paste. Voila, purification ✨

Each bag comes with 3 individual bags of bath soak and a bottle of essential oils to scent your bath to your liking.

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