All Natural Bug Spray

All Natural Bug Spray

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Spring is in the air here in the midwest, which means something else is in the air too...


Luckily, bugs haven't ever been all that attracted to me. Unfortunately, they love my husband and kids! Last year, I vowed to make an effective repellent that was free from all of the scary chemicals and carcinogens in conventional bug repellents.

Using a custom blend of essential oils and hydrosols specifically known for their repellent properties, with added colloidal silver, and witch hazel to stabilize the oils - this mixture not only smells great, it is an effective and non-sticky formula.

I have 2 options available, one with an added tick protection. Both of these are safe for adults and children over 3 months of age. For kids aged 3 months - 2 years, spray on clothing instead of directly on skin.

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